Change Is Now

Jun 16, 2020 11:10:50 AM

The killing of George Floyd is the latest in a long history of similar events, where a life has been forcefully taken by someone within a police force whose mandate is to help the community. Many are having trouble finding the words to truly express their thoughts and feelings for those who are feeling pain, anger, and frustration. I know my issues in articulating my thoughts pale in comparison to the struggles that many minorities continue to face.

At Kontrol, we have always welcomed all and oppose discrimination in any form. Our mission has always been to actively recruit, develop, and retain talented employees who share our passion for delighting our partners, caring about their teammates, and are passionate about doing great and good in today’s world. We understand that’s not enough.

The history of social injustice and systematic racism in the United States and throughout the globe is not acceptable, and we accept the immense responsibility that we have to do so much more. Silence is not the answer. The first step towards success is the need to be radically honest and acknowledge that change is needed. My hope is that this helps to spark conversations with friends and family and drives us all to further educate ourselves in order to put our best foot forward towards change.

Here at Kontrol, we are committed to our team, our clients, and our community to advance social justice, abolish systematic racism, and be part of the change towards building a better tomorrow for all. The work starts with us, right here within Kontrol. We have begun the conversations and are looking at ways to be more inclusive, expand diversity and support social justice organizations. Today, we will be donating to Equal Justice Initiative and Black & Brown Founders, as well as matching any employee donations. We encourage our community to join us in supporting these important organizations.

Scott Songer,
CEO of Kontrol

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