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Transform Your Approach To Payments

Integrated financial technology solutions for every type of payment. Drive efficiencies, increase profitability and ensure security through data-driven payment optimization strategies.


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Payment Optimization Strategies

As organizations transform to compete in the era of data and advanced analytics, Kontrol seeks to help organizations move beyond “read and react” supplier and supply chain management.


Buyer & Supplier Solutions

For buyers, Kontrol delivers secure payments to suppliers by check, ACH or virtual card. This solution will enable the integration of all of an organization’s payments into one seamless process.


Analytics Insights

Kontrol’s spend analytics services yield significant insights for both buyers and suppliers. The resulting insights can be leveraged for real-time cash flow forecasting to support better decision-making. 


“We have achieved a level of efficiency that has significantly improved the operations of the (procurement) department.” case study

- Will Osborne, Vice President Great Floors


“It is a quick, easy process that is saving us lots of time. We simply sort our invoices into suppliers, run the pre-check, match the invoices for accuracy, then submit and we are done. So much time saved on not having to stand there while checks print, wait for them to be signed, stuffing checks in envelopes, and mailing them – much less the postage we are saving. It is so user-friendly and easy. I think it has been a great move and time saver for AP.” case study

- Dona Bush, Accounts Payable Manager, Great Floors

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Learn how Kontrol payment optimization strategies can turn your accounts payable process into a revenue generating activity while simultaneously increasing the efficiency and security of your payments. Watch our 2 minute overview video to get a high level overview of how we can help your company.


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