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Report: Suppliers Need to Adapt to New Payment Technologies

A recently released whitepaper from The Strawhecker Group on B2B payments highlights the need for suppliers to adapt to new payment technologies, including virtual card, in the very near term. ... Read More

4 Reasons Why Virtual Card Payments Have Surged Among Nonprofits

Most of the conversation around card payments in the nonprofit sphere tends to be about the best ways to process electronic donations. This focus is, of course, highly understandable: No 21st century ... Read More

Cost Center to Cost Saver: Using Accounts Payable To Drive Cost Savings

  Summer vacation season may still be in full swing, but many of us are already looking ahead to the fall and our end of year financial goals. Did you know your accounts payable - historically a cost ... Read More

5 Ways Virtual Card Delivers Ultra-Secure Payments

Virtual card payments are now used for more than $90 billion in transactions annually, yet for many potential users and their suppliers, payment fraud is a lingering concern. With good reason: If a ... Read More

Too Good to Be True? 6 Questions to Ask a Potential Virtual Card Provider

One of our most frequently asked questions about card-based virtual payments is, "Is this too good to be true?" I've found that potential virtual card users have a healthy amount of skepticism about ... Read More

One File: Benefits and Best Practices

Is your payment process as simple as it ought to be? With so many different ways to pay suppliers, B2B payments can get complicated quickly. Some suppliers accept card payments, such as virtual ... Read More
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