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7 Out-of-the-Box Ways to Celebrate Your Amazing AP Team

Posted on Oct 6, 2016 7:30:00 AM by Scott Songer


You know how hard your accounts payable staff members work all year round. AP professionals navigate relationships with dozens if not hundreds of suppliers and employees of your own organization to ensure timely, correct payment of expenses, while helping to contain costs and remaining vigilant to fraud. 

Now is the time to really celebrate the vital work of these essential personnel: AP Recognition Week is October 10-14, 2016. If you're looking for unusual, un-cheesy and un-tired ways to recognize your team this coming week - and throughout the year - here are seven:

1. Write each AP team member a personal thank-you note

It doesn't have to be long - even a well-placed sticky note can make a difference - as long as it recognizes something specific to that person: how they handled a particularly tricky invoice or how they are always a source of positive energy around the office.

2. Designate an AP Team Member (or Members) of The Day, every day of AP Recognition Week

Hang their picture in a common area - including a note about what makes them great, of course, decorate their desk with balloons, drop by with a treat or a gift card, and basically remind everyone how lucky your organization is to have a great AP team. 

3. Make a contribution to or volunteer together at a charitable organization you both feel good about supporting

Let your staff know that what is important to them is important to you. Working together to support good works outside of the office is uniquely rewarding. These are three of our favorite nonprofits if you're looking for ideas. 

4. Bring the team coffee

Spare them the stuff that comes out of the break room pot and deliver a real barista-made brew to everyone's desk.

5. Take everyone out to lunch or, better yet, take everyone out INDIVIDUALLY to lunch

Use this as an important opportunity to have a genuine conversation about them, their families, and their ideas for working better or smarter.

6. Get out of the office

Take a day or half-day with your team to do something completely unrelated to work: mini-golf, paint-your-own-pottery, a potluck lunch at somebody's house or a park. Make it fun and inclusive, rather than a command performance, and find out how much you learn about each other when you're totally outside of a work context. 

7. Help make their jobs easier for them to do

 This might be a shameless plug, but we think the single best way to honor your amazing AP team is by giving them the tools they need to continue succeeding at their jobs. A virtual card program empowers your accounts payable staff to make payments more easily, more quickly and more securely than other traditional payment forms, while creating an alternative revenue stream for your organization. Now that's a reason to party. 

Enjoy AP Recognition Week, everybody! 

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