Kontrol Payables LLC


Access the Hidden Wealth in Your Accounts Payable Process 

Wouldn’t it be great if your Accounts Payable department wasn’t a cost center, but a cost saver? What if, just by making a simple, no-cost switch to a different payment form you could achieve:

  • More convenient payments
  • More efficient payments
  • More secure payments
  • AND earn revenue on every payment you make?

You can. No one expects the department that pays your organization’s bills to be a source of income itself, but you can turn your AP department from a cost driver to a revenue generator. Kontrol’s virtual card program relies on ultra-secure, best-in class technology to deliver B2B payments with all the ease of a consumer credit card. You have to pay your suppliers anyway, so why not be paid back for doing so? 

Our virtual card technology revolutionizes the way your AP department functions — transforming it from a labor-intensive cost center to a revenue generator, with no additional costs and no unnecessary downtime.

At Kontrol, we offer a proven payment technology platform, successfully used by more than 20,000 organizations to pay more than 1 million suppliers easily and securely. And we deliver unbeatable customer service, providing hand-on support that makes the virtual card payment process uniquely rewarding for our clients and their vendors. 

How rewarding? For every $10 million is AP spend, you could make $135,000 back in revenue, while reaping all the additional benefits of virtual card payments:

Unparalleled Payment Security >

Meaningful Revenue Generation >

Highly Efficient AP Process > 

Superlative Vendor Enrollment and Painless Implementation >  

Seamless Interface with Existing AP and Accounting Apps >