Making payments via virtual cards is not only easier, it's faster.

And added speed ultimately means added savings.

If your AP team manually processes hundreds of invoices each week, the benefits of transitioning to virtual card payments are significant.

Time spent on each invoice adds up quickly. At this volume of invoices, the move to virtual payments will greatly improve your organization’s efficiency by:

  • Reducing the time to process an invoice

  • Lowering the percentage of errors attributed to manual entry

  • Limiting the number of duplicate invoices

  • Reducing reconciliation process time

Virtual card's efficiencies reduce time, waste and overall cost per invoice. Our clients love this because it allows them to dedicate time to improving, and not just doing (or doing poorly). And because vendors are paid faster and with greater accuracy, they love it, too.

Kontrol's unique vendor enrollment approach and hands-on implementation process converts more of your payments to virtual card with zero downtime, maximizing your efficiency AND your revenue stream. 

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