No IT project required: Utilize your existing people, tools and processes 

to move to virtual card-based payments.

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The steps to making payments are simple. No software. No cloud-based interface. No need to change banking partners. Just five easy steps:

1. Approve Your Invoices:
  • No change for your vendors
  • No change for your AP Team

2. Export a Payment File:

  • Payment File includes multiple payments to multiple vendors.
  • Encompasses the entire payment cycle.
  • After set-up, payments are exported by a simple press of a button.
  • Only four pieces of information are needed: 
    • Vendor ID
    • Invoice Number
    • Invoice Date
    • Invoice Amount 

3. Upload the File:

  • Use simple File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to upload a file to the payment platform
  • Kontrol does the rest

4. Funds Are Automatically Transferred to Your Supplier:

  • Funds are parsed out to cover each payment made during the process

5. Receive a Reconciliation Report:

  • Report is designed to meet your needs
  • Easy to upload into your accounting system
  • No additional interfaces or processes to manage 

Kontrol's unique vendor enrollment approach and hands-on implementation process helps you convert more of your payments to virtual card, maximizing the ease of your AP process while delivering tangible revenue.

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