An electronic, credit card-based, ultra-secure payment solution.

Kontrol's virtual card platform relies on SUGA technology to deliver exceptionally secure electronic payments. An acronym for Single Use Ghost Account, SUGA differs from a traditional Purchase Card (P-Card) in that it is used for one transaction only. A SUGA is essentially a unique 16-digit virtual account number for each payment. Each time that your organization makes a purchase from a vendor, your accounting system automatically uses a new account number. Unlike a traditional credit card or purchase card, the number changes every time.

Organizations process these payments using their accounting system much like a check (minus the manual work associated with checks). Like a check, the credit limit on each SUGA is set to the specific payment amount.

Using a SUGA limits the possibility of fraud, as the card number is not stored anywhere and even if compromised, the account cannot be used for additional purchases. It also makes your reconciliation easier, as vendors will not be able to obtain more than one authorization.

Because SUGAs are onetime use there are several reasons that they are more secure than P-Card payments:

  • The vendor doesn’t store the account number, so it is less likely to be compromised.
  • Even if the account is compromised it can only be used once.
  • The maximum amount that can be charged is the amount of the single, approved invoice.
  • Since the merchant is not storing a card number, PCI compliance is simplified.

Virtual card payments are more secure than check, more secure than a traditional purchase card and drive revenue with every transaction you make. Can you say that about your current AP process?

Kontrol's unique vendor enrollment approach converts more of your payments to virtual card, optimizing the security of your payment process while generating significant revenue.

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