About Our Company

Kontrol is a team of people dedicated to helping other people. We strive to be the payment advisor of choice for financial leaders at organizations large and small. We’re committed to making complex financial processes easy by combining financial technology and data driven insights.


The Kontrol's Triple Bottom Line Mission


Employee Mentorship

We pursue our mission by actively recruiting, developing and retaining talented employees who share our passion for delighting our partners, caring about their teammates, and giving back to our communities.



We view business as a team sport and an entrepreneurial challenge. We have boot-strapped our way to success and continually embrace business risks while maintaining profitability every step of the way.


Social Impact

At Kontrol Payables we are interested in more than just profit. We nurture a culture that is passionate about doing great and good in today’s world.


Know Our Values

At Kontrol we are passionate about helping people succeed.

Kontrol’s team helps drive millions of dollars in spend every week as part of our mission to transform accounts payable and accounts receivable departments into engines of change and drivers of ROI.

Integrity is behind everything we do at Kontrol. Our operating culture fosters open communication and entrepreneurial problem solving. Our team is empowered to make decisions, operate ethically, think creatively and continually strive for personal and professional edification.

Kontrol is an Inc. 5000 provider of game-changing B2B payment optimization solutions. Since 2011, Kontrol has engineered best-in-class technology solutions for corporate and nonprofit organizations seeking a highly efficient, effective, secure, and rewarding approach to payables and receivables processes. Our financial technology company is founded on a simple philosophy of helping people succeed. Our solutions are developed to be innovative, secure, and focused on optimizing payment strategies and processes.

Kontrol opposes discrimination in any form. We work with employees and clients of all races, classes, gender identities, sexual orientations, religions languages and physical abilities. All are welcome.

Helping People Succeed